This is a list of some of the boat Fuel Stations that may be in operation in the UAE – for our own use!

Click the map to find UAE Marine Fuel Stations as reported on google maps.

UAE Marine Fuel Overview
Click the map to find UAE Marine Fuel Stations
This list in “under construction” as our members verify if the fuel station is still there and operational. Petrol and/or Diesel “may be available” 

You must ensure yourself that fuel is available at this location, at the time you wish to visit.  before you venture out and rely on this information for your passage plan.

No liability is accepted or implied – this information is provided “as is” and general guidance  – please verify the information yourself.

Emirate Location Status
Abu Dhabi (West) Dalma Island Fishing Harbour unknown
Abu Dhabi Mugaraq Port Jetty unknown
Sir Bani Yas unknown
Abu Dhabi (West) Mina Mirfa (West AD) unknown
Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace Marina
Duty mobile 0566853136
(By Private Arrangement)
Abu Dhabi Hidd Al Saadiyat Marina Confirmed
Abu Dhabi Al Bateen Marina unknown
Abu Dhabi Samaliyah island Confirmed
Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Confirmed
Dubai Jabel Ali Marina unknown
Ras Al Khaimah Al Hamra Marina unknown
Mareed Fishing Harbour unknown
Al Jeer Fishing Harbour unknown


Before refuelling


  • Sail the boat slowly into the station
  • Tie the boat securely to the fuel dock
  • Avoid tying-up the boat alongside another boat
  • Turn off power supply, electrical switches and other sources of ignition
  • Put away any fabric soaked with flammable material
  • Check out the fuel tank, conveyance tube and battery to confirm good condition
  • Ensure there is no slippery material on the floor of the boat
  • Ask all passengers to step out of the boat for optimum personal safety
  • Close all windows, portholes, hatches and cabin doors so as to prevent fumes entering the hull
  • Open boat fuel tank and place the cap on the boat floor nearby


Marine Fueling Safety Guide

During refuelling

  • Inform filler standing on the jetty about your product needs and mode of payment
  • Receive the appropriate nozzle from the filler
  • Insert the nozzle into fuel tank and ensure that it is fully inserted inside the fill neck
  • Ensure nozzle is securely in place and avoid producing nozzle-neck friction and sparks
  • Start filling after the filler lifts up the nozzle lever at the dispenser side
  • Ensure there is no overflowing or spillage of fuel

After refuelling

  • Remove the nozzle carefully and close the fuel tank
  • Return the nozzle to the filler
  • Give the filler the payment either by cash or card
  • Open all hatches so as to ventilate the boat
  • Inspect bilges and properly clean up leakages and spillages, if any
  • Start the engine
  • Reload the passengers
  • Sail the boat slowly out of the station

General tips

  • Keep boat well-maintained and equipped with a fire extinguisher and spill kit along with respective user guide
  • Do not smoke and keep mobile phones switched off when the boat is at the station
  • Only buy portable jerry cans approved by ADNOC Distribution, if required

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