Fruit Scones

Fruit scones captain table cook book

Fruit Scone Ingredients

400g Plain flour
150g Fruity muesli
50g Dark sugar
2 Tbl spoons Baking powder
20g  Olive oil  (EVOO)
50g Currents / sultanas soaked in rum or similar (30 mins)
200ml  Milk – can be made from coconut powder – if at sea
3 Eggs

The Plan

  • Mix all the dry ingredients together
  • Add eggs – mix
  • Add enough milk to make a dough (similar to bread)
  • Need and roll out 2-3 cm thickness
  • Cut out scone shapes with empty baked bean tin or large sherry glass
  • Place on flour dusted baking tray
  • Egg or milk wash to assist browning for a delicious look and taste
  • Bake for 25 mins  (180°C) or thereabouts until nicely risen and browned
  • Serve with butter, cream, strawberry jam – as you prefer (Cornish / Devon)

Sit back and enjoy 🙂



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