Captains Coastal Crunchy Cakes

Classic, chewy and great feel good taste

Captains Coastal Crunchy Cakes

From the ship’s stores

30g  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Tablespoon  golden syrup
200g  brown sugar
400g rolled porridge oats
200g Muesli
2 Teaspoons Fresh Ground Cinnamon
100g Raisins
100g Mixed dried fruits

Small amounts of water can be added from time to time to aid the mixing


Cooking Instruction for Captains Coastal Crunchy Cakes

Preheat the oven to 180C

Line a muffin tray with paper or silicone cups
Warm the oil in a large pan over a low heat

Slowly add the sugar and then the golden syrup, stir and heat gently.

Once the sugar is dissolved stir in the porridge oats and cinnamon

Leave to soak in all the ingredients – occasionally warming with low heat
Pack the mixture into the miffing cups and squash down

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes – be careful not to burn the cakes
Once cooked, remove from the oven, leave to cool for 15 minutes

These crunchy cakes are delicious snacks for the night watches or indeed any time of day when a healthy energy boost is called for.

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