Tender Operator Course

Coastal Safety – Tender Operator Certificate

Bookings now being taken at the Coastal Sea School for the “NEW” RYA Professional Tender Operator Course

This is designed for captains and crew that operate tenders between the shore and a superyachts with VIP Guests

  • VIP guests (care, comfort and control)
  • Powerful tenders and powerboats
  • Pilotage and Coastal Navigation
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Communications between vessels
  • Transfers between craft
  • Maintenance and proper care
  • Rule of the Road and Local Regulations

RYA Superyacht Tender Operator Certificate Course

essential training and certification for Superyacht crew

This is the Coastal Safety – RYA Professional Tender Operator Certificate course, it is designed to ensure and provide the correct skills balanced with confidence to use a ships tender or super yacht shuttle craft on short “ship to shore” transfers by day and by night.

Ideal for “Super Yacht”  and “VIP vessel” Coxswains and also deck crew who carry “Principals”, VIP’s and guests from the mother vessel to the shore discreetly, comfortably and in complete safety. Satisfying the passengers needs and giving assurance that their “boat driver” has the right balance of skill, experience and responsibility.

Coastal Safety – RYA Professional Tender Operator Certificate Course

The 2 day Coastal Safety – RYA Professional Tender Operator Certificate is taken after completing our RYA Powerboat 2 course and after completing our two day coastal navigation course.

This course is specifically aimed at those who are likely to be driving VIP guests ashore from an anchored superyacht by day and evening onboard the yacht’s tender.

This course was written as a direct result of requests from owners, the superyacht industry and the PYA (Professional Yachting Association). The PYA chose to work with the RYA ‘s Training Centres with a proven track record for providing excellent training.

The course aim is to improve safety by engendering good habits

without compromising customer service to clients. 

The Coastal Safety – RYA Professional Tender Operator Certificate is designed to build on a candidate’s existing knowledge of powerboating and candidates should gain confidence in their own competence. They will have plenty of time to practice techniques in working with a crew member and also short-handed. It is important that candidates understand the emphasis of the course is ship (super yacht) to shore transfers and associated skills rather than just coastal cruising.

Candidates will gain an appreciation of their role as tender skipper/operator and become more employable in the superyacht sector.

The following topics are covered extensively

in the Coastal Safety

RYA Professional Tender Operator Certificate Course

  • Pre-departure procedures for tender operators
  • Pre-departure checks
  • Passenger safety briefings
  • Working with electronic chart plotters & other aids
  • Night navigation & identifying potential hazards
  • Produce and use effective day-time and night-time pilotage plans
  • Passenger safety (VIPs, Adults & children)
  • Life saving apparatus – lifejackets, PPE etc
  • Docking in unfavourable conditions (superyachts / dockside / congested waters)
  • Dealing with non-compliant passengers
  • Dealing with passengers under the influence
  • Man Overboard (MOB) procedures – Day & Night
  • Specialised powerboat manouevering (jet drives, IPS etc)
  • Twin engine manoeuvres
  • Drive systems onboard superyacht tenders
  • Fuel and mechanical checks and diagnosing basic engine start problems
  • Passenger safety and comfort in large waves and at planing speed
  • Dealing with less mobile passengers and children
  • Strategies for ensuring the safety of non-English speaking passengers
  • Shorthanded anchoring, beam-to, bow-to and stern-to docking
  • The principles of towing and being towed
  • Apply the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (IRPCS)
  • Effective management of an emergency situation by day and at night

The Facts

Assumed knowledge: The entry requirement for this course is
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 course with Coastal Endorsement.
  • RYA VHF Short Range Radio Certificate
  • RYA or STCW95 one day First Aid qualification
  • Two day coastal Navigation course completion
Minimum duration:  2 days
Minimum age:  17 years old
Course content:
Passenger safety and comfort, daytime pilotage, night time pilotage, emergency situations, associated theory.
Ability after course:
Confident undertaking short ship to shore transfers by day and night.

Coastal Safety – RYA Professional Tender Operator Certificate

RYA Tender Operator Certificate TOC UAE

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