RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor

Advanced Powerboat Instructor
Existing powerboat instructors wishing to teach the Intermediate and Advanced courses must hold the Advanced Course Completion Certificate, the Advanced Certificate of Competence and attend a three day advanced instructor endorsement course. Usually assisting on an actual course.

The advanced instructor course lasts two days and the minimum age is 17. It is run by an RYA Powerboat Trainer.

Please note that if you will be teaching the advanced course on board a boat that is subject to the MCA’s codes of practice, you should hold a commercially endorsed advanced powerboat certificate.

The course will consist of:

principles of practical instruction
lesson planning
teaching styles
use of questioning
use of visual aids
assessment of students’ learning
explanation and presentation of theory subjects including high speed navigation
the structure of the RYA scheme
planning progressive teaching sessions involving night navigation
preparation of boats and equipment for day and night
teaching methods to RYA Advanced Powerboat