FTA 24m Boat Captain Training

The cost of the course covers both theory and practical sessions, and includes the “Certificate of Completion” as required by the Federal Transport Authority (FTA). The FTA charge AED100 per year for the actual plastic driving licence.

You can join for a standard course with us or own boat tuition if you have a suitable boat. we require a minimum of three persons on the course.

The Federal Transport Authority (FTA) 24m licence covers all vessels (power or sail) up to 24m in length for all Emirates in the UAE – it is in fact, the official driving licence for boats in UAE. This is a similar system to the car driving licence for the UAE.

On completion of the course we will be give you a “FTA 24m Course Completion Certificate”. With this you can apply online to the Federal Transport Authority Government website and they will issue the “UAE Small Boat Driving License”.

FTA 24m Licence Course includes the following subjects:

FTA 24m Practical Topics

• Buoyage
• Chartwork
• Fire Safety
• First Aid
• Heavy Weather
• Navigation
• Passage Planning & Pilotage
• Prevent Environmental Pollution
• Radio & Radar
• Ropework and knots
• Rules and Regulations
• Safety
• Stability
• Stores and catering
• Towing & being towed
• Weather


FTA 24m Practical Topics
• Anchoring
• Berthing alongside
• Closing down and securing
• Engines
• Holding fixed position
• Leaving berth
• Man Overboard (MOB)
• Responsibilities of the Captain and OOW
• Safety Brief for passengers and crew briefing
• Safety checks pre departure and underway
• Safety Equipment – checking . maintenance
• Tidal Set and drift
• Tidal height calculations
• Travelling at speed
• Turning in small spaces
• Turning on warps
• Vessel Construction & Maintenance

Of course we are always happy to answer any questions regarding this training or boating in general 🙂

As soon as you make your booking you can start doing the THEORY ONLINE on the “COASTAL SAFETY online system”.

We supply a username and password and you can progress with the theory learning “as and when” you wish.

The online system is in small manageable units, so you could study 20 – 30 minutes a day if that suits your schedule.

You can also watch our coastal safety YouTube channel where you will find some interesting videos regarding, anchoring, buoyage, safety equipment, navigation, GPS, navigation lights and whistle signals.

If you wish to join the course, please send an email with a copy of your Emirates ID card (front and back)  so that you  can be registered on the course.

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