FTA  Federal Transport Authority approved courses for UAE Boat Captain Certificates for pleasure and commercial vessels, boat and yachts – Abu Dhabi – Dubia – Ras al Khaimaha – Fujairah – Ajman – Sharjah – Umm al Quwain

FTA (Abu Dhabi, RAK, UAE) Small Boat License 12m

This is the 2 day course required to operate a small boat in the UAE, authorised by the UAE Government, Federal Transport Authority (FTA)

The first part consists of a one day THEORY followed by a PRACTICAL day afloat on a boat.

The theory provides you with the knowledge to safely operate at sea and includes both safety and international collision avoidance regulations. Local (UAE) rules and conditions are also covered.

The practical day allows you to practice the skills, manoeuvres, man-over-board and boat handling that is required to safely command a vessel in the UAE waters.


The Federal Transport Authority Government REQUIRE you to do this training.
Then you submit your documents online (FTA Government website) so that they can issue you a small boat driving license.
You need to submit the following documents:
  • Training Centre “Certificate of Completion”
  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • Emirates ID card copy
  • Photo of you (passport style)
We have an online learning system, so that you can study most of the theory prior to the practical session.
This prepares you to pass the theory part of the test.


FTA Small Boat Driving Licence 12m

There is a theory test covering safety, navigation and international anti-collision regulations.

Who is the course for? This is required for residents and locals that wish to own / operate a boat in UAE waters. Crew may also do the course.
Minimum Age requirement 17 years
Length of course 2 days
Overview of course topics
  • launch and recovery
  • boat handling
  • close quarters handling
  • collision regulations
  • basic navigation
  • buoyage and compass
  • safety precautions
  • emergency situations
  • captain safety brief
  • basic engine checks
  • wind, tide & current
  • anchoring
  • securing to a buoy
  • man overboard
  • docking
  • safety equipment
What will I learn? Safety and boat handling skills.
Where is the course location?
·         Abu Dhabi

·         Dubai

·         Ras Al Khaimah

·         Your own location

What are the prerequisites? A certificate is issued to successful candidates. However an Emirates ID card is required to gain the government licence.
How much does it cost? AED 2000 per person
What will I be able to do when I complete the course? You will be given a “Certificate of Competition” which allows you to gain the UAE Government Licence from the UAE online application service.


You will be able to safely take a boat with passengers and crew to sea for short coastal trips, more importantly you will have the skills and knowledge to safely bring everyone back to port safely should the weather change or when fog reduces visibility.

What is the next course for me? RYA Direct Assessment, Safety Boat, Intermediate Powerboating, RYA Powerboat Instructor, ICC & CEVNI Tests. Navigation courses.



12m and 24m Captain Training Courses at Coastal Safety

Coastal Safety provide many courses covering many uses and boat types including Federal Transport Authority approved courses for UAE vessels.

Coastal Safety have been providing boat captain training in the UAE since 2003.

Standard training courses are available as well as specialist training for safety and rescue.

In the UAE, you must have a UAE issued boat driving licence issued by the FTA – Federal Transport Authority for the appropriate size vessel and use (pleasure or commercial)

Coastal Safety offers all the boat and yacht training courses to satisfy the FTA regulations.

For more information and to enrol on the course please complete this form

apply now



Federal Transport Authority (FTA ) Training courses for boat captains are categorised in to four groups:

 FTA issues 4 types of Boat Driving license

  • FTA Boat Driving license to operate pleasure boats of upto 12mtrs
  • FTA Boat Driving license to operate Pleasure boats of upto 24mtrs less than 80GT
  • FTA Boat Driving license to operate Commercial boats of up to 12m
  • FTA Boat Driving license to operate Commercial boats of up to 24m

There are two classes of vessel, and two classes of use.

Pleasure  Commercial
Up to 12m TRANS tick mark 16 TRANS tick mark 16
Up to 24m TRANS tick mark 16 TRANS tick mark 16

Additional to the standard “Boat Captain Qualification”, the FTA also require that all “commercial vessel”  captains hold the STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate for commercial licences issued by FTA.



Requirements for UAE FTA Boat Driving license

  • Copy of the passport, residence visa and Emirates ID
  • Copy of the medical fitness certificate
  • Copy of the Training certificate issued by one of the FTA Training institutes
  • To submit the application through FTA online system
  • Copy of the STCW BST Training course certificates (This is applicable for driving license to operate commercial boats only)

Training Courses

FTA 12m Boat Captain Training

FTA 12m

Boat Captain Training

 Two days (or 4 half days for private groups)

Part one – Theory

Fire Safety
First Aid
Heavy Weather
Passage Planning
Safety Brief
Prevent Environmental Pollution
Responsibilities of the Captain and OOW
Trailering a boat
Voyage planning

Part Two – Practical

Rope-work knots splices
Towing & being towed
Vessel Construction
Set and drift
Stability and seating
Man Overboard (MOB)
 Berthing alongside
Leaving berth
Safety Equipment
Safety checks
Turning in small spaces
Mooring ropes
Travelling at speed
Holding fixed position Turning on warps
Closing down and securing


Click here for information on the FTA 24m course

FTA 24m Boat Captain Training


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