Crossword – Nautical Terms

1. The lower corners of square sails or the corner of a triangular sail at the end of the boom
2. The front of a vessel
3. Heavy material that is placed in the hold of a vessel to provide stability
4. Compartment at the bottom of the hull of a ship or boat where water collects
5. Leftside of a vessel when facing forward
6. Hoisted when a ship is about to sail
7. A group of ships travelling together for mutual support and protection
8. The direction in which a vessel is being steered, usually given in degrees
9. Lookout position high in the mast
10. A strong shutter fitted over a porthole or other opening that can be closed in bad weather
11. A lifting device composed of one mast or pole and a boom or jib
12. Arabic trading vessel
13. Safe haven for ships to rest
14. A facility where ships or boats are built and repaired
15. Principal flag or banner flown by a ship to indicate her nationality
16. A ring, hook or other device used to keep a line or chain running in the correct direction
17. Work place of the cook
18. Swinging canvas sleeping place
19. Near to or toward the shore
20. A unit of nautical speed
21. The amount that a ship is blown leeward by the wind
22. Inflatable survival craft
23. Crew member specifically assigned to watch for other vessels
24. Docking facility for small ships and yachts
25. Foulweather clothing worn by sailors
26. Series of boat races, usually of sailboats or rowboats
27. Craftsman who makes and repairs sails
28. Valve in the hull of a vessel used to allow seawater into or out of the vessel
29. D or U shaped iron, with a screw pin at the open end used for securing stays to sails
30. Trespasser on a ship; a person aboard a ship without permission andor without payment