Captain’s Tea Break Teaser 2 November 2016

If you are wondering how your skills are holding up or want a little refresher quiz – here it is!

Here is a great way to freshen your memory whilst you enjoy a refreshing brew or beverage. Here is your November 2016 Quiz

Welcome to your Captain's Tea Break Teaser 2

Feel free to have a quick informal quiz to sharpen up your skills.

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1. wgs84

What does WGS84 stand for?
2. buoyage direction

When planning a voyage on a chart, which direction should a prudent mariner plan to pass this buoy?
3. vessel lights

What kind of vessel is this?
4. compass_rose

If you were heading "North East" and altered course to port by 90 degrees, what would your new heading be?
5. sailing vessels giveway

Which is the "give way" vessel and what would she normally do?
6. vessel lights

What would the fog signal be for this vessel?
7. sail-cone

What does the cone at the forward end of this vessel signify?
8. high pressure system

Where would you expect to find this high pressure system?
9. vessel lightsa

What kind of vessel does this light combination show?
10. knot

When is this knot often used on small boats?

Well done  for taking part.

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