Captain’s Tea Break Teaser 1

If you are wondering how you skills are holding up or want a little refresher quiz – here it is!

Here is a great way to freshen your memory whilst you enjoy a refreshing brew or beverage.

October 2016 Quiz

Welcome to your Captain's Tea Break Teaser 1

Feel free to have a quick informal quiz to sharpen up your skills.

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1. What kind of weather system would expect this to be in the northern hemisphere?

2. If you were on a motor vessel and on a Northerly course, what action would you take if you saw a buoy flashing a group of three white flashes of light?
3. How far would you expect this pyrotechnic to fire in to the sky?

rocket flare

What is a bowline used for?
5. What kind of buoy is represented in this picture?

buoy RW
6. What does this sign mean on European inland waterways?

7. What does this chart symbol represent on a british admiralty navigational chart?

8. What kind of buoy is represented in this picture?

blue yellow buoy

If you changed your latitude and longitude position from the following start and end positions, how many nautical miles would you travel.

Start   06° 12.5 N  078° 30.5 E

End   06° 42.5 N  078° 30.5 E
10. What kind of rope splice is used to make a loop in the end of a rope?

Well done  for taking part.

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